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Rob Snyder
April 3, 2019
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     Business owners often complain about the massive costs of understaffing, absenteeism, and turnover. But these gripes don't always lead to action: it's often easy to just accept these problems as just ‘part of the job.’ Luckily, new technologies, such as SYRG’s on-call system, are being introduced to make what were once intimidating staffing obstacles now completely surmountable.

     With SYRG’s on-call system, managers and supervisors can quickly fill open shifts, without paying for standby staff or inconveniencing employees who clear their schedules just to find out they aren't needed for work. At the same time, businesses dramatically reduce understaffing and its impact on profitability and operational complexity.

      Plus, all workers are happier with a well-designed on-call program. Core, scheduled employees will have the stability and predictability they want, and won't be continually asked to put in overtime or put family commitments aside because someone else called-out sick. And workers who have irregular schedules can plug in to work the shifts that fit their personal needs.

Put simply, SYRG enables businesses to harness their workforces dynamically. 

      SYRG connects employees to the shifts they actually want. Reducing overtime, turnover, and supervisor frustration doesn't hurt either.

In industries where margins are tight and changes are slow, technology like this can be a defining factor - a competitive edge that customers will notice and appreciate. 

Customer satisfaction aside, SYRG will ultimately help your business cut costs and get ahead - but don’t take our word for it.

     It can feel risky and expensive to make the leap to a new technology. That’s why we created the SYRG Savings Calculator - a spreadsheet designed to take information about your business and compute just how much an on-call program managed by SYRG could save.

The calculator is broken into two main functions:

  1. How much money is your business wasting if you do not have on-call services?
  2. How much money are you risking if you have non-compliant on-call services?

Download the Calculator

      This illustrates the power of SYRG make tangible, bottom-line improvements to your business. Additionally, SYRG uses a unique performance-based pricing model. This means that we only make money based on the impact SYRG actually achieves- so you can guarantee SYRG has your back.

If you are interested in learning more about SYRG or on-call services, please reach out to us at

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