SYRG helps operations executives achieve their labor goals.

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Reduce Costs

Companies can use SYRG to reduce unnecessary overtime, cut excessive admin spend, and avoid costly errors.

One unionized site has so far saved nearly $1,000 per employee per year. Companies using SYRG usually find savings opportunities of $500-600 per employee per year.

Improve Compliance

Some rules are not meant to be broken. SYRG helps keep front-line managers compliant with union rules and labor laws.

SYRG helps sites meet their compliance goals, with a full suite of audit functionality. This is why SYRG is supported by both unions and employers.

Increase Engagement

SYRG offers extra shifts to your best employees, with clear and transparent metrics for how "best" is defined.

Your employees will thank you - nothing is more damaging to culture and engagement than the perception that managers are playing favorites.

Integrate with your Existing Systems

Integration is not necessary, but Syrg can easily integrate with current systems. We make deployment quick and painless. Set us up with your IT team - it's always a quick conversation.

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Enterprise-Grade Security

SYRG was designed for the enterprise; we know how important data security is to our customers. That's why we built SYRG from the ground-up to exceed even the strictest security standards.

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