Quiz: Are You Ready To Uberize Your Workforce?

Rob Snyder
July 3, 2019

Flexibility is the name of the game in 2019. The gig economy is transforming the world from taxis to temp agencies to grocery delivery, and businesses with hourly workers are taking note. Having workforces that choose when and how they want to work has many benefits for both the employee and employer (who can increase or decrease staffing based on real-time needs).

How transformative could “Uberizing” your workforce be? Don’t take our word for it, let’s let the numbers tell the story: 

  • On-demand applications like Uber are never understaffed while traditional employers are understaffed at least 7% of the time (according to Kronos), which leads to $86B in lost revenue per year in the US alone.
  • Moving to an on-demand staffing model could also reduce manager time spent scheduling to less than 1% (from 10-20%), saving employers $30 billion.
  • 49% of hourly workers would take a pay cut to get more control over their schedule (according to ShiftBoard).

Still not convinced? Our data shows that 75%+ of overtime costs could be avoided if businesses adopted flexible staffing models (that's $40B in avoidable costs annually).

These statistics make it clear: there’s a lot to like about an on-demand workforce, and a tool like SYRG makes the transition to managing your workforce in this fashion fast and painless. But is your organization ready to Uberize? And what’s the return on investment for doing so?

Use our simple, 7-question quiz to get answers to both questions:

If you answer with response #1, give yourself 1 point; #2, 2 points; #3, 3 points; #4, 4 points for each question below. Don't forget to tally your score!

Q1: What percentage of your hourly workforce is part-time?

  1. <10%
  2. 11%-25%
  3. 26%-50%
  4. 51%+

Q2: How frequently do you use temporary / casual / “on-demand” workers?

  1. Almost never
  2. Seasonally, not regularly
  3. Monthly
  4. Daily or weekly

Q3: What is your current absenteeism rate? (Calculation: absences / total shifts)

  1. 0%-5%
  2. 6%-10% (industry average)
  3. 10%-15%
  4. 15%+

Q4: What is your annual turnover rate?

  1. Less than 25%
  2. 26%-50%
  3. 51%-100%
  4. 101%+ 

Q5: What is your current overtime rate? (Calculation: # hours OT / total hours)

  1. 0%-5%
  2. 6%-10%
  3. 10%-15%
  4. 15%+

Q6: How many employees does your company have?

  1. Less than 100
  2. 100 - 1,000
  3. 1,001-10,000
  4. 10,000-100,000
  5. 100,001+

Q7: What describes your current staffing situation?

  1. We’re properly staffed - staffing isn’t a problem for us today
  2. We are understaffed, but it’s not having a real impact on our operations
  3. We are understaffed, and are managing with temps / overtime
  4. We are incredibly understaffed, and just can’t hire enough workers

Did you scored more than 14? If so, we should talk. 

Click here if you're ready to eliminate overtime, solve understaffing, and engage your workforce.

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