A Job Description Template for Hourly Workers that Gets Results

Rob Snyder
June 12, 2019

We’ve written previously about how hiring and staffing a flexible workforce can help employers avoid today’s so-called “labor shortage.” In fact, there isn’t a labor shortage for hourly workers; employers are trying to hire for the wrong kind of job. Flexible staffing - what we call SYRG Work - is the future of hourly work. SYRG workers are offered shifts and can choose when they work, much like the on-demand apps that manage to hire tons of workers every day.

Unfortunately, when employers do realize that flexible jobs are the solution to their understaffing problems, they often do a poor job hiring these workers - and we’ve found it’s often due to a lackluster job post.

So we've created a quick job description guide about how to post flexible jobs to get hundreds of applicants and quickly hire SYRG Workers.

Let's start with what definitely does not work: Treating your SYRG Worker job descriptions like they’re for on-call or temp jobs. Or treating them like they're less valuable than a part-time job.

Here are some of the worst offenders in job descriptions we’ve seen. Would YOU ever reply to a job post that's worded this way up-front?

  • Must be willing to work with last-minute notice
  • Not guaranteed work, but must be available
  • Seeking individuals for temporary and on-call positions
  • On call schedule, various shifts available

If they don't put would-be applicants to sleep, these job descriptions make it abundantly clear: “Hi applicant! You’re not going to be respected here, and you’re considered less   than our regularly scheduled workers.” This obviously doesn't work well. So what works?

Back to the on-demand apps. They've mastered recruiting thousands and thousands (even millions) of workers. So what have they done that pulls people in to apply? We've pulled out a few lessons from Uber and other on-demand services who’ve mastered the art of the job description. Here are a few very effective quotes:

  • Earn money anytime it works for you… it’s totally flexible around your schedule.
  • Set your own schedule while earning money
  • Work when you want
  • Be your own boss

All except for the last bullet point are relevant for SYRG Work. So why not start posting SYRG Work job descriptions like this:

The Winning Job Description for Hourly Workers

Pick up shifts when YOU want to work. Work with a company that respects your schedule and availability as a SYRG Worker with [your company name].

What are SYRG Workers? They’re employees with 100% control over which shifts they pick up and when they work. You’ll be offered shifts regularly, and can choose to work only the shifts you want to work. As a SYRG Worker, you’ll be a full member of our company (and a W-2 worker, not a contractor) with a competitive hourly wage. You’ll also be a crucial member of our caring and high-achieving team.

In your role, you’ll…


And then you can talk more about your company and the role itself. There are many benefits to being a SYRG Worker with your company instead of being a on-demand contractor with one of the gig platforms, as we highlight in this blog post. Feel free to highlight this, too!

And once you’re hiring a bunch of SYRG Workers, you’ll need a system that helps your managers access them - a system like Uber for your workers. That’s where SYRG can help - get in touch with us at info@syrg.app.

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