8 Things to Watch Out For when Considering a Union Call-In System

Rob Snyder
February 8, 2019

      You’re thinking about investing an automated system to fill shifts at your workplace when workers take the day off. (Great! You’re on your first step to avoiding 14 different types of costs!)

But, when reviewing the different options, you’re stumped. What makes one system better than another? Which will work best for your workplace? How can you be sure to make the right choice?

At SYRG, we want to help you make the most informed decision and waste the least money. So, we made this “list of landmines” for you to avoid when considering an automated system!

Watch out for systems that..

  1. Aren't customizable to your union contract. Believe it or not, some systems say they are customizable when they really aren’t. Or at least, not enough to fit your needs. It’s worth a trial run to see if the vendor’s system can handle your union contract.
  2. Don’t offer a trial run. Many purchases are made on faith, with long contracts. We’ve seen horror stories: the customer had to stop paying to get the vendor to make the software work with their union contract. (It still doesn’t…)
  3. Are customizable, but you need to pay a 3rd-party consultant for customization. This is always a risky game. The software itself may seem like it works, but you first have to pay a consultant tens of thousands of dollars to customize your system…
  4. Require workers to download an app. Not all of your workers have entered the smartphone age — and that’s ok! Plus, you can’t require your workforce to download an app. The union will never let that stand.
  5. Require you to change out your entire scheduling system. This is extremely common. Almost every solution for union workplaces requires your managers to change how they’ve been scheduling employees. It’s a massive, costly undertaking — and productivity losses often exceed the cost of the (expensive) software! Look out for systems that can work with your current scheduling system.
  6. Take months to implement and require a ton of on-site training for managers and workers. One of the hidden costs of software implementation is lost productive time to training and implementation. Most tools the the market take months to configure — meaning your operations continue to suffer—and require tons of training for managers and workers alike. That’s not a recipe for success…
  7. Are resisted by your union.  Clearly, if the union’s against it, life gets tough. Will your software provider talk with your union reps and shop stewards?
  8. Don’t have useful reporting.  You want managers, employees, and the union to be able to see who was called for a particular shift. Ask your vendor if they can show you the report that tells you who was called for the shift, in order, and why. It’s a simple request- one that most software isn’t configured to tell you.

If you want to solve your workplace problems and avoid these problems, let’s talk!
Contact us at info@syrg.app.

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