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What is SYRG?

SYRG is a small team of talented individuals striving to redefine the future of work. Our software and applications aim to level the playing field between employees and employers, and allow workers to reclaim control of when and where they work. We also help businesses and enterprises optimize their labor networks and maximize their revenue.

SYRG was founded out of HBS in 2017, then known as ADAY Technologies. Since then SYRG has grown to become a global team, with customers spanning the United States.

SYRG believes in a future of work that can work for everyone.

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Where do we work?

SYRG is based in the beautiful old city hall in Boston, Massachusetts, but remote team members live as far away as Hungary and Canada. No matter where you live, we believe you can still do your best work on your own schedule.

We enjoy a supportive, encouraging culture with a focus on improvement and hard work. That doesn't mean we don't take it easy with Game Fridays, team lunches, and fun office-wide  events.

Transparent Salaries

All salaries and equity distributions are publicly available, and can be viewed at any time by anyone within the company. All salaries and rates are based on reputable sources that can also be reviewed at any time.

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