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Transform front-line operations with SYRG

SYRG brings technology to hourly workplaces to make operations more efficient, compliant, and human.

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Man using SYRG to reduce union overtime

"We've achieved savings of $800 per employee per year with SYRG... in just year one." - VP Operations

SYRG helps you meet your labor goals, whether those goals are reducing costs, improving compliance, or increasing engagement.

Our simple-to-use, simple-to-deploy platform gives your front-line supervisors the tools they need to excel. Our open-shift-filling solution frees up 5-10% of manager and supervisor time, and also reduces overtime.

Integrate with your Existing Systems

SYRG can easily integrate with your current system. This means deployment is quick and painless. Set us up with your IT team - it's always a quick conversation.

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Enterprise-Grade Security

SYRG was designed for the enterprise; we know how important data security is to our customers. That's why we built SYRG from the ground-up to exceed even the strictest security standards.

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