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Recruit and retain in a short-staffed world

Hiring hourly workers changed in 2021. We can help you staff up now by leveraging your talent assets - past applicants and former employees.

Your hiring campaign can launch within 3 business days.

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How it works

Save thousands per hire and reduce onboarding time by recruiting
your best past applicants & former employees

Recruit Proactively

Create a network of future employees: former workers, applicants you didn’t hire, students, and more

Leverage this pool to quickly fill open positions

90% reduction in time- and cost-to-hire

Address Turnover

Get exit insights to uncover where and why preventable turnover is happening

Use learnings to improve staff morale and stop good employees from leaving

Cut turnover by 15% or more

Improve your Hiring Process

Discover when and why good applicants are dropping from the hiring pipeline

Eliminate inefficiencies in your hiring and onboarding processes

Double your applicant-to-hire rate

It’s Time to Rethink Turnover


110%+ turnover, employees saying goodbye for good


Engage, rehire, get referrals, fill shifts


Let us know and we can show you how it works in just 15 minutes

Our customers

"We’d been struggling, trying to keep restaurants open and be there for our customers. I hired 49 employees in 2 months through Syrg. That’s an average of over 4 employees per store! I’m planning on doing a campaign again soon."

– Mark McBee, McDonald’s Owner / Operator in Cape Cod, MA & President, New England Co-Op

"The first week I worked with Syrg I was sold. I had three applications, from three people they contacted. One for each of my stores. I will work with Syrg longterm because they continue to add services that help me contact my employees, former employees and former applicants."

– Michael Bodman, Owner / Operator, MI

"I’d been struggling with staffing. Syrg not only offers great service, but they share tips to interview and get through to applicants. It has improved the way we interact with applicants. We’re now having very few no-shows for interviews and are able to hire the folks we need to staff our restaurant. I’d highly recommend Syrg."

– Susan Credle, Owner / Operator, TX | People lead, High Plains Business Unit

"Syrg knows the market, they know our need for employees and their unique angle helped me to land employees.  It's been tremendous working with the team."

– Adam Fey, Owner / Operator, FL & GA

Standalone or Integrated

5 Minute Onboarding

Consultative Approach

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